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This award winning homeless video profiles several very different homeless people who struggle with homelessness during one year.
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Produced in collaboration with homeless people and shown on PBS, this thought provoking homeless video is recommended by the National Coalition for the Homeless. The video is widely considered to be the best and most broadly applicable case study available on the scope and diversity of homelessness in America.
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Greg Horan became involved with the homeless video while he was living at the Gospel Mission in St. Paul. He became homeless the year before after a string of medical and financial catastrophes.

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Two years prior, his twelve year old daughter had died of leukemia, leaving Greg with $250,000 in unpaid medical bills. Heart broken and bankrupted Greg left New York City for a new start in Indiana.

In leaving New York, Greg left behind a 15 year career in publishing, built upon a masters degree from Cornell University. In Indiana, he suffered a severe heart attack and was transfered to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

After being released, he hitch hiked to St. Paul and ended up sleeping in abandoned buildings until he found the Union Gospel Mission.

When he began participating in the movie, he had already found a job and had saved money in order to rent a modest apartment. However, his search for housing was even more difficult than his search for a job. He was turned down repeatedly when he admitted to living at the mission, despite having sufficient money.

Eventually Greg rented a room in an old house in St. Paul, but only after lying about his living status. He continues to live there and has since become a vocal advocate for homeless rights.

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