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This award winning homeless video profiles several very different homeless people who struggle with homelessness during one year.
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Produced in collaboration with homeless people and shown on PBS, this thought provoking homeless video is recommended by the National Coalition for the Homeless. The video is widely considered to be the best and most broadly applicable case study available on the scope and diversity of homelessness in America.
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Mary Jo Copeland became involved with the homeless video while operating the private charity "Sharing and Caring Hands." As a child, Mary Jo grew up in desperate poverty and formed a deep sensitivity to the physical and spiritual dimensions of poverty.

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After raising twelve kids, she dedicated herself to her life long dream of serving the poor. With the help of a mentally retarded man and a blind woman, Mary Jo opened "Sharing and Caring Hands" with the vision of providing the poor with food, clothing, and unconditional love.

Her reputation for washing and treating the sore feet of homeless people earned her the nick name the "Mother Teresa of Minneapolis." It is a reputation that has attracted the favorable attention of the national media, as well as the unwanted attention of disruptive visitors who revere her as a saint and ask to touch her.

Her emphasis upon private charity as a solution to homelessness, however, continues to provoke criticism from those who see her charity as merely a bandaid.

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