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This award winning homeless video profiles several very different homeless people who struggle with homelessness during one year.
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Produced in collaboration with homeless people and shown on PBS, this thought provoking homeless video is recommended by the National Coalition for the Homeless. The video is widely considered to be the best and most broadly applicable case study available on the scope and diversity of homelessness in America.
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"Homelessness: Face to Face"
Cover story of the "Variety" section of the Mpls. Star & Tribune - Sept. 9, 1996

"A locally produced documentary offers a rare chance to hear about life on the streets, from those who live it, from the comfort zone of your sofa."

Movie Review
The Twin Cities Reader - April 7, 1996

Homeless does offer compelling portraits of complicated people, and does so without glossing over the realities of their problems. It's hard to forget characters such as . . . "

The Arts Registry
Skyway News - Andrew Backai

Filmmaker, Pat Hennessey, among those honored for "making a difference in the arts in the Twin Cities" sixth annual Arts Registry (1996).

The Homeless Home Movie
Published in the September issue of PBS station KTCA - 2 newsletter
Producer, Patrick Hennessey, shares his inspiration for the four-year project and his views on homelessness.

Address Unkown
Cover Story for the "Express" section of the St. Paul Dispatch - April 18, 1996
A local documentary, "The Homeless Home Movie," explores a community problem the filmmaker says runs deeper than a lack of housing."

Preview clips of the Homeless Home Movie on YouTube.

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